• BBS Software Upgraded

    From WitNik to All on Mon Apr 5 13:44:11 2021
    While I typically keep the BBS frequently updated, Beggar's Canyon has mainly run Synchonet Version 3.18. Today, I'm happy to announce that I've installed 3.19.

    This new version carries many new fixes/enhancements to Synchronet, but the largest and anticipated new feature is a modernization of the legacy filebases. Version 3.19 now fully supports long filenames and longer description limits on all modern operating systems. As such, you will begin to see new file uploads making use of more modern naming. I have no plans on retro-actively fixing previously uploaded material or modifying any of the legacy shareware CD-ROMs that I've imported.

    Also, you may notice subtle changes to some menus where items/features have been removed or modified. A number of features from previous versions have been removed or deprecated due to end-of-life dependencies and/or lack of use.