• BBS Hardware Swap

    From WitNik to All on Wed May 5 00:50:21 2021
    Greetings Everyone!

    I have moved the BBS from the Raspberry Pi 4B to a new Raspberry Pi 3B+ in order to reduce the power usage of the BBS further, while freeing up the RPi4 to prototype the home lab I'm trying to build to experiment with microservices and Kubernetes. In all honesty, Synchronet is so memory efficient that you shouldn't notice any difference in performance. Also, as part of this hardware change, I'm now running the BBS completely off of my Synology NAS by netbooting the PI and then mounting all block storage volumes via iSCSI. This solves two problems:

    1.) The greatest weakness of an RPI is the lifespan of SD memory cards.
    2.) By booting via network versus my old hybrid setup, I now can fully leverage more advanced fault tolerance provided by the Synology over my previous configuration, and further reduce overall complexity.

    I will be posting an in-depth blog article about the setup, configuration, future projects planned for the network booting RPis soon.