• Architectural Changes...

    From WitNik to All on Sun Aug 22 16:06:36 2021
    Hi All,

    As we approach our first anniversary this Halloween, we've successfully undergone the following iterations of hardware changes for Beggar's Canyon:

    1. RP4 with iSCSI backend
    2. Netbooting RP3 with iSCSI/NFS backend
    3. SBBS upgrade to 3.18.x

    My latest potential shift is moving the BBS off dedicated hardware to run inside of my RPI4-based Kubernetes cluster. This will involve creating new or hacking community images and working out how to incorporate rapid project releases to production, but will further reduce my overall dedicated hardware
    to the project and allow more scalability and redundancy. It will also be a great learning experience for how to managing more complicated services with container orchestration. I'm thinking of managing this with CD/CI pipelines and all sorts of cool stuff.

    Anyhow, more to come soon on this topic, as I will be working on prototyping a setup soon.