• Beggar's Canyon has joined the Synchronet IRC Network

    From WitNik to All on Tue Nov 17 22:14:58 2020

    You can now use your Beggar's Canyon alias and password to chat on the Synchronet IRC Network!

    Join today by accessing our local IRC server directly from the BBS Chat Menu or by setting your favorite IRC client to connect to beggarscyn.com:6667 or bggrscyn.synchro.net:6667. For a more secure connection, try enabling SSL/TLS and connecting to beggarscyn.com:6697 or bggrscyn.synchro.net:6697.

    If you wish to join the network and be directed to a BBS IRC server closer to your geographic location, connect to irc.synchro.net:6667 (SSL/TLS support using this method will vary).